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Information for Authors – Review Process

The review procedure used for texts submitted
to Wiadomości Archeologiczne:

  1. The Editor accepts only articles prepared according to the Author Guidelines, published in Volume LX and on the web page www.wiadomosci-archeologiczne.pl.
  2. A text submitted to the Editor is first assessed by the Secretary of the Editorial Staff and by the competent Subject Editor for compatibility with the academic profile of Wiadomości Archeologiczne.
  3. If accepted, the text is sent by the Subject Editor to reviewers competent on the subject matter addressed in the article.
  4. Articles are reviewed using the double blind option. The review is made in a standardized questionnaire.
  5. Articles evaluated negatively are not accepted for publication.
  6. Articles evaluated positively, rated at more than 70 points, are submitted for editing.
  7. Articles evaluated positively, rated at less than 70 points, pass to the Editorial Staff for the final decision on acceptance or rejection.
  8. Author/Authors is/are informed about the decision by email not later than within 4 months from the date of receipt of the article by the Editorial Staff.
  9. An agreement is signed by the Editorial Staff of Wiadomości Archeologiczne with the Author/Authors setting out mutual obligations, incl. the copyright to the complete article (i.e., the text complete with illustrations, archival documentation, etc.), and the terms of the publication of an electronic version of the article on the home page of Wiadomości Archeologiczne.