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Information for Authors – Review Form

Wiadomości Archeologiczne – peer-review of submitted article

  1. Title of the paper:
  2. Evaluation of the subject matter
    Significance and treatment of the presented problem / cognitive value of the presented materials  
  3. Evaluation of the method
    Structure of the text / terminology used / knowledge and use of relevant literature / illustrations, tables, etc. used.  
  4. Evaluation of scholarship
    Value for research / correctness of conclusions  
  5. Evaluation of structure
    Style and language of the text / correct form of references, citations, bibliography etc. / quality of illustrations / structure of tables / correct form of figure captions, table captions etc.  
  6. Abstract
    Is the abstract in keeping with the contents of the article, is it edited correctly ?  
  7. Evaluation score in points
    Please give a score between 0 and 20 points in each category listed below
    1. Total points 2. Evaluation
    subject matter methods scholarship structure
  8. Reviewer recommendations (please mark with × where appropriate)
    1. The paper is not suitable for publication in “Wiadomości Archeologiczne”
    2. The paper is suitable for publication:
    – as submitted
    – after making the recommended improvements to its structure ***
    – after making the recommended improvements to its substance ***
    – after a major revision
    – after improvements to or additional research
  10. (date and signature of the Reviewer)